Private Obedience Training Lessons

Personal Owner Instruction

We teach you the voice commands, proper leash tension, body language and techniques to facilitate obedient behavior in your dog quickly.

Intuitive Problem Solving

With over 35 years professional, dog obedience training experience we can evaluate problems and initiate simple, successful solutions.

Remarkable Results

In just five, one hour lessons we can train your dog to perform all the basic obedience commands on leash and give you the ability to control your dog in a way you might not have dreamed possible.

Private Obedience Training Lessons

We come to your home where you are involved, assess what your problems are and set goals for your dog’s training. We start by teaching the basic obedience commands on leash: Heel, Sit, Come, Down, Stay, No and Place. During these lessons we are teaching your dog “learning skills” such as attentiveness, self-discipline, respect for your authority and what exactly is expected of them. We encourage the dogs to make eye contact and gain their trust that learning can be fun!

We familiarize you with how to put on a chain collar correctly and how to correct the dog with small jerks on the leash so that they learn to walk on a slack leash and respond to voice commands. We teach you the techniques, voice commands, body language and tone of voice that will facilitate the desired responses by your dog.

We recommend five lessons for your dog and you to become proficient at the basic obedience commands on leash. We can also address problems you may have with your dog’s behavior in the home. We prefer to train in the location where your dog is problematic, the park, around other dogs, your home or walking down your street. We do not try to avoid problem behavior, but rather choose to work through it for the training value.

We strongly believe that there are no excuses for unacceptable behavior and that dogs can be encouraged to strive to please and taught to make positive behavior choices through a consistent system of reward, praise and humane but firm corrections. Our goal is to make you more aware of your dog’s capabilities and give you the tools to effectively discipline your dog with a loving, firm hand so that you can enjoy every outing with your four-legged, best friend!

Sometimes we can do some off leash work during these first 5 lessons but usually a few additional lessons will be needed for your dog to be reliably under control off leash. Additional lessons are $100.00 per one hour session.

Single One Hour Sessions: $100.00

5 One Hour Sessions $475.00 (Recommended)

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