Obedience Classes


Fun Learning Environment

A unique learning environment where you and your dog will learn to become proficient at all the basic obedience commands in a relaxed, easy to learn group format.

Exceptional Value

In just six short weeks, one hour per week, your dog will learn to reliably respond to your commands amid the distractions of working along side other dogs in the class.

Easy Training Techniques

Our classes are easy to follow with clear, simple instructions.  We spend the time with you to make sure your dog can execute every command well.

Group Obedience Classes

Group classes present a unique opportunity for your dog to learn the basic obedience commands and respond to you working in close proximity to other dogs. Classes are one hour and are held once a week for six weeks. Your dog will learn to perform all the basic obedience commands of Heel, Sit, Come, Stay, Down, No and Place, on leash.  You will be handling your dog and will be learning correct body language, voice tone and proper techniques to be able to maneuver your dog in various heeling patterns with very little tension on the leash.  Our goal is to work with your dog’s weaknesses and build on their strengths so that you and your dog succeed in reaching your maximum potential.  We teach you how to encourage your dog to choose the desired response to your commands and how to firmly discipline them for unacceptable behavior.  We encourage the dogs to make eye contact and to respond to your voice commands so that you and your dog become an effective working team.

Students will need a six-foot leash and a chain training collar of the proper size that will snugly fit over your dog’s head.  We don’t work with harnesses as they actually encourage dogs to pull, don’t offer a high degree of control and are not conducive to teaching precise maneuverability with slack leash tension.  It is important for the dogs to be always be in control of their owners to create a safe environment for all the dogs in the class, large or small.   We strive to create a comfortable and fun learning environment in our classes where each dog and handler team can gain new skills quickly and reach their maximum potential.

All dog handler teams that have completed our individual training course of five personal lessons are encouraged to join a class to continue to better their training with the added distraction of working in a group with other dogs.

Six Obedience Classes – $330.00


Classes are held for one hour, once a week.
(Make Up Classes are offered based on availability)

Upcoming Group Classes

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – Closed
Saturday, April 6, 9:30 am – Open

– 6 Weekly Sessions –

Held at Hooker Oak Park

Have Fun Learning With Your Dog

In An Easy to Follow Group Class

Debra and Bailey are very knowledgeable and excellent trainers. They work with you and give you all the tools and tips you need to be successful. I took my 1 year old labrabull for their 6 week obedience class and just after the first day my dog was heeling better than ever! I highly recommend hightail dog training. Thank you Debra and Bailey!

Kohl S.

Debra Folsom is a great teacher! It is interesting to see her engage in each animals unique personality and offer training methods to help that particular dog. She has a wealth of experience and is able to break down training sequences so that anyone can learn. I highly recommend her Beginning Obedience Class. Every dog and owner can benefit from it!


Debra was a godsend! My Rottweiler puppy started to react badly towards people screaming as though she was being hurt. With Debra’s knowledge and patience, Lilah learned that people aren’t going to hurt her, now allowing strangers to pet her without fear! Her knowledge of the basic obedience commands is much improved. I’d highly recommend High Tail Dog training for any breed of dog.

Cindy H.
May 2021

Debra is beyond fabulous. What we’ve learned in our 6 week lessons is just short of amazing. Soo thankful to have the tools she taught me to help now with my other new puppy.

Terry A.
June 2021

Marley is our rescue dog. We attended individual and group class. We enjoy coming to class and learning the basics sit, heel, stay, come. I have seen so much improvement from Marley and as for myself, I have learned a lot too. Debra and Bailey are great at teaching and demonstrating in the group sessions. Seeing the improvements and dog focus is amazing to experience. Thank you

Brandy S.

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