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Over 35 years professional dog training experience

Serving Chico, Oroville, and Paradise California

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Private Obedience Lessons

We come to where the problems are, your home, your street or the park. A great way to address all your dog’s behavior problems. An effective, quick way to achieve a more obedient canine companion.

Group Obedience Classes

Dogs learn to perform all the basic obedience commands with the added distraction of working in a group with other dogs. We strive to make our classes fun and engaging for all dogs and their owners.

Online Obedience Training Lessons

A convenient, quick way to get professional guidance when orientating a new dog or puppy to your home. We provide easy, effective training solutions to help correct your dog’s problem behaviors.

Have Fun Learning With Your Dog

In An Easy to Follow Dog Obedience Training Group Class

Our Team

Chico’s Dog Obedience Training Professionals



Debra Folsom

Debra’s professional dog training resume is extensive. From competing in National Competitions to owning a well known, successful dog training kennel facility for 35 years. She quickly established her reputation as a highly skilled Chico dog obedience trainer. Her teaching skills and problem solving abilities have made her one of the most sought after dog obedience training professionals in Chico.
“I have found Debra Folsom to be professional and intuitive. She is able to objectively assess what is going on with a dog and apply effective measures quickly and consistently.  Dogs respond positively and willingly to her direction and correction.”  -Karen V.
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Baylie Hughes

Baylie studied and practiced dog obedience training under Debra at the professional dog training kennel for eight years before becoming a professional dog obedience trainer in Chico. Baylie teaches private dog obedience training lessons in both Chico and Oroville. Debra and Baylie also co-teach a Chico dog training group class together. Baylie’s dog obedience training customers give her consistent five star reviews!
“Baylie was AMAZING! She really took the time to explain things and answer all of my questions. She went above and beyond and the results were worth every penny! I would HIGHLY recommend High Tail if you are in need of top quality training!” -Jennifer M.
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What Customers Are Saying

Debra was a godsend! My Rottweiler puppy started to react badly towards people screaming as though she was being hurt. With Debra’s knowledge and patience, Lilah learned that people aren’t going to hurt her, now allowing strangers to pet her without fear! Her knowledge of the basic obedience commands is much improved. I’d highly recommend High Tail Dog training for any breed of dog.

Cindy H.


I am so happy with trainer Baylie’s approach to teaching my two rescue dogs and myself the skills to have better behaved dogs. Baylie was both firm and yet gentle with my girls. My dogs love her as much as I do. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the decision I made calling High Tail Dog Training!

Debora Robison


Baylie at High Tail Dog Training was wonderful to work with. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my two dog’s behavior after just 5 sessions. Baylie did more than just train my puppies, she gave me the training I needed to continue my dog’s growth into the perfect companions. I highly recommend High Tail Dog Training!

Lisa Lambert


Debra is beyond fabulous. What we’ve learned in our 6 week lessons is just short of amazing. Soo thankful to have the tools she taught me to help now with my other new puppy.

Terry A.


My dog was extremely defiant. I paid for 6 classes with High Tail Dog Training and I cannot stress enough how much progress was made in those 6 sessions. It was totally worth the money as I can now actually enjoy time with my dog.

Conner C.


I was so discouraged. Oliver would bark and lunge aggressively at people, children, bicycles, joggers, and even just friendly neighbors. All my efforts failed and I couldn’t trust him anywhere. Working with Debra, the results were transformational.  My neighbors say he is a different dog!

Karen V.


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