What Customers Are Saying

Our rescue dog Max was extremely reactive to other dogs. Fun relaxing walks would quickly turn into stress-filled episodes of vicious lunging, snapping. I felt terribly embarrassed and wondered if there was any hope Then we found High Tail. The results were miraculous, Max can now co-exist in peace with other dogs and doesn’t even react anymore! I needed to understand how to work with his issues so he could learn to trust. He needed kindness, understanding, and consequences. He is a special dog with a unique past and I think the trainers at High Tail understood him. They keep it positive and make sure your dog is having a good time while learning. It was a great experience and I highly recommend them. They can probably help with most problems pretty quickly, I was extremely impressed and grateful that Max and I have a new life ahead full of fun walks. Thank you High Tail!

Amber A.
September 2023

Flint, our nine-month-old German Shepherd, learned a lot during the six-week group class. His basic obedience has greatly improved, but just as important, he has become more relaxed around other dogs. Debra and Baylie took the time during class to give individual attention wherever it was needed. Debra also offered us individual instruction, which was very helpful. We are going to return periodically for the controlled experience with other dogs, but also to polish Flint’s obedience. Thank you both, Debra and Baylie!

Lori & Brian
September 2023

I wanted to let you know Debra that after working with you for 3 private lessons, Gus has been amazing! Walking, not pulling, sitting, following commands, being near multiple dogs, settling….he’s a new dog!! The walks over these past four days have been enjoyable and relaxed. Thank you so much for all your help!

Angela G.
June 2023

We called HighTail because we had a dog fight between our two dogs Bear and Denali and I was worried that they would hurt each other worse than what had happened. Bear was defensive, guarded and needed a lot of correction but Baylie was not intimidated at all and made him listen to her. After 10 appointments with Baylie, Bear is a completely different dog. He has become manageable and listens very quickly. I highly recommend this trainer and would trust her with any of my dogs. Thank you Baylie for assisting with this issue. All the techniques that you taught us and Bear have made a significant change in our family.

Gena C.
May 2023

Baylie is a fantastic trainer who helped our rambunctious labrador puppy learn how to listen and follow instructions. Now he can safely take walks in a busy neighborhood with lots of distractions, hike on trails where he politely meets people and dogs, and play well in a group of dogs. Baylie’s training methods taught our pup and our family sound techniques for happy adventures.

Elizabeth W.
November 2022

Debra and Bailey taught me the skills and gave me the confidence to progress in training my pup, Riffle. I very much enjoyed working with them and highly recommend their group class. Thanks High Tail! : )

Denise W.
August 2022

Obedience Training was just what we needed. I adopted a terrier mix from Butte Humane. A real live wire! High Tail Training helped me learn to reinforce his positive behaviors. He’s a calmer dog now & I am a more confident dog parent. It was fun to see other dogs learn as well in their group obedience class.

LeeAnn S.
August 2022

I now believe in miracles. For months we have tried to teach Story (100 pound black Lab) to load up. Very frustrating. We bought expensive dog stairs-didn’t work. Dog treats, hamburgers, tons of positive reinforcement and finally even crawled in myself—still no luck. I was put in contact with Debra at High Tail and within 30 minutes of working with him she accomplished what seemed like an impossibility. Using positive reinforcement and repetition within 30 minutes she had Story eagerly loading up and ready to go for a ride. In addition she gave me clear instructions and watched to be sure I was successful. Debra has excellent communication skills and it was a pleasure to watch her develop rapport with Story. Her years of experience make her a valued trainer for any situation. I highly recommend Debra. Five Stars+

Wanda B.
August 2022

I had a truly wonderful experience working with Debra at High Tail! My puppy was very high energy, and things like recall became an issue as he got old enough to walk. Within just a few short weeks of working with Debra, my pup became a focused, obedient, polite little guy. I had hoped to establish a healthy foundation for his behaviors moving forward, and High Tail exceeded expectations. Going out and socializing is now a joyful experience as opposed to a stressful one… he can even walk off leash without issue! So very thankful to Debra and High Tail.

Michele T.
July 2022

Our family did five private training sessions with Baylie for Bentley our 5 mo old Belgian Malinois/Shepard mix. After our first visit we saw a huge positive improvement. Previous to training he would want to bite and aggressively come at us. Baylie taught us it was avoidance by him of doing what we wanted. She understood our dog’s breed and was very knowledgeable helping us to curb this behavior as well as teaching him basic obedience. Baylie was amazing and patient in teaching our special needs sons how to get Bentley to listen to them. We are getting ready to sign up Bentley with Baylie to have more classes to socialize him with other dogs. All around an amazing dog training program that our family highly recommends.

Chris J.
July 2022

Debra has been amazing with my dog! She is kind and understanding. She makes sure to explain things clearly and show you how to do what she is asking. My dog loves her! Thank you!

Teardra L.
January 2022

Bella is what Debra calls a “spirited” mini Aussie Shepherd puppy. I can now enjoy walking with Bella without her constantly nipping at my heels. People say the training is for the owner and I’ve learned a lot from Debra about how to effectively discipline Bella. After five private lessons I can now walk her at heel. I am currently doing the six week group class to expose her to other dogs.

Gayle K.
January 2022

High Tail Dog Training has been a wonderful experience. Debra does a great job at sharing her knowledge and gives you the right tools it takes to get your dog trained and well behaved. You can tell she has a deep care and understanding for dogs. We signed our pup, Lou, up for the individual class, by the third class we noticed a huge improvement in her behavior around leash aggression and by the fifth class we felt confident with her new manners and social skills that we signed her up for the group class that she now thrives in. Highly recommend High Tail Dog Training.

Dupre & Angie
December 2021

Baylie was nothing short of amazing working with my dog Bentley. As a very vocal dog, I thought nothing was going to work. As we finished our last lesson today I can say so much progress has been made and I am so thankful. Highly recommend High Tail Dog Training!

Carlie B.
December 2021
Chico, California
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