Debra Folsom

How wonderful to now be able to take advantage of Debra’s decades of canine behavioral knowledge and outstanding professionalism here in Chico.  I was reminded how to train a dog with a loving firm hand.” Lesley

Debra started training Labrador Retrievers for Field Trials in 1979.  Her first two dogs became “Field Champions”.  In 1987 she co-founded Hightest Kennels, a well known, successful, all breed training and breeding kennel near Oroville CA.  As a professional trainer for over 35 years, Debra has a wealth of experience and knowledge working with all breeds of dogs.  Debra sold the kennel business in 2018 and moved to Chico where she continues to pursue her passion of teaching dogs and their owners how to work together as a team becoming totally in tune to each other.  “I will never tire of seeing the joy in an owner’s face when their dog responds to them obediently and behaves in a way they never thought possible!” says Debra.

“Debra understands dogs and knows what they need from their owner to make them react appropriately in public.   I am so happy I contacted her for help.”  Andrea S.
Chico, California
Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM